Shelters are wonderful, fosters are fantastic, transports rock, adoption is to be commended, BUT the ultimate answer is to spay and neuter. We have had great successes but still so much more to go! Butte Spay/Neuter is always in need of funding for our clinics (they may be free or donation only to the public, but they are expensive to host) and also funding for our $50-off s/n certificates. Donations can be mailed to PO Box 544, Butte MT 59703.


American Humane Association


Humane Society of the US

Montana Pet Insurance

Animal Law 101
(thanks to Kyler for the link)

Spay-Neuter vs Adoption

Who uses Spay-Neuter Clinics?

Effects of air pollution on pets

Albert's Angel Fund

Butte Animal Shelter

Butte-SilverBow Animal Control Dept.

Montana Petfinder

Montana Pets on the Net


Thrive: Pet Health Food

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